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UV Black light and thermochromic products are available for all product ranges.

UV Blacklight inks.


The term invisible usually refers to something that is not visible to the human eye in daylight conditions, 400-700 nanometres.

The term UV Blacklight usually refers to a UV light source of 365 nanometres.

Invisible inks that become visible under UV blacklight can be made using various phosphor powders instead of coloured pigments. Inks based on these special phosphor powders can be made to show shades of Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green. These phosphors vary in price depending on the colour emitted and the amount of phosphor contained in the ink.

These can be formulated to cure with Mercury, Low energy, or LED-UV lamps

It is essential that the substrate used is optical brightener free.

Thermochromic inks

All thermochromics become visible as the temperature decreases and become invisible as the temperature increases. The change from visible to invisible occurs over an approximate range of 5 degrees centigrade. For example, invisible at 15c and visible at 10c. There are only specific temperature ranges available.

10-15c Blue is the most common product.