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Nevada “UniVersal-LM” LA range:

Nevada UniVersal-LM LA range:

This range has been specially developed for low migration food packaging. Nevada UniVersal-LM Inks can be cured with all lamp types, Mercury, Iron/Gallium and LED-UV. The use of highest power lamps will help to ensure that compliance to the migration limits are obtained. The use of these inks, and these inks only, negates the need for deep cleaning of the press for printing of food packaging. The photo-initiators used are all approved for use in low migration food packaging inks.

Other products

LF7 Yellow and Magenta ink formulated for products that require high Lightfastness may be used with same series Cyan & Black inks

Resistant versions of some weaker Basic colours have been formulated to provide high lightfastness and superior resistance to bleeding.

Opaque Whites in both Sahara and Nevada formulations are available.