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Sahara PC & Nevada PC “LED-UV” ranges:

Nevada PC LED-UV:
This product range has been specifically developed for the printing of plastic cards. Available as Process colour and a Basic colour range. Also available where required in a Lightfast and Resistant version of Basic colours. When laminated with suitable adhesive coated overlay films in the usual high temperature and pressure system the overlay peel strength meets the requirements of all major secure card companies. Similar to Nevada PC but can only be cured with LED-UV lamps.

Sahara PC LED-UV:
Similar to Nevada PC LED-UV, but for plastic cards that are to be subsequently coated with UV lacquer for protection. All Nevada PC LED-UV inks can be converted to Sahara PC LED-UV with a 1-2% addition of additive MB9086.

Other products

LF7 Yellow and Magenta ink formulated for products that require high Lightfastness may be used with same series Cyan & Black inks

Resistant versions of some weaker Basic colours have been formulated to provide high lightfastness and superior resistance to bleeding.

Opaque Whites in both Sahara and Nevada formulations are available.